Last update: 14/06/2021

Dear travelers, partners, and friends,

Within the context of our new reality, we would like to inform you that we are doing the best we can in order to make you feel safe and able to enjoy your vacation the way you would have before the pandemic.

Therefore, we immediately followed all the instructions regarding the disinfection and hygiene of our facilities, and we have already obtained the “Health First” certification while planning to open our hotels.

At the same time, we have created this website that includes detailed instructions and information concerning our hotel’s policy with regard to the corona virus, which will be updated according to new developments. For further information, you can contact our Hygiene & Safety Team via e-mail (covid@cactushotels.gr).



Our Group has already compiled an action plan in order to effectively prevent and handle suspicious corona virus cases - if they occur - and limit the transmission of the virus to the staff and guests.

We have created a special COVID-19 response unit, which includes a doctor specialized in COVID-19. It also supervises the safe and unobstructed operation of our hotel while giving instructions and guiding the staff if necessary, always in accordance with the instructions of the Authorities.

All staff members receive training according to the directives of the World Health Organization and the national health protocols, and are provided with all the required personal protective equipment.

In order to achieve the highest cleanliness and hygiene standards, we collaborate with a certified company, so that we can ensure the hotel’s proper sanitation, the certification of the methods we follow, as well as the systematic training of our staff.


Our guests can have a 24-hour basis:
• Medical advice on any unforeseen health event, either lead to sanitary air transport no.
• Information on the proper hygiene terms and conditions to be met by travelers, according to sanitary regulations of Greece or the country to which he is going to travel (vaccines, preventive measures, etc.).
• Medical information and directions for all matters relating to Covid-19.

All these are supported by Interamerican through the Immediate Coordination Center for Greece : 1010 and +30 210 94 61 999.



In an attempt to prevent overcrowding and limit interactions at the reception desk, we have placed floor signs which will help maintain proper distancing. We also offer the following options:

  • Check-in and check-out procedures are carried out through a plexiglass window.
  • The times of check-in and check-out are 15:00 and 11:00 respectively.

All card keys are disinfected before being presented to the guests.

There are hand disinfection devices in both the reception area and all other public spaces.

The temperature of all of our partners and staff entering the hotel premises will be measured by hotel security, and they will be allowed to come in only after having communicated with the hotel.

All used personal protective equipment (masks, gloves) are disposed of in a separate closed bin.



For everyone’s safety, we have adopted a very strict cleaning and thorough disinfection system in all rooms, public areas, and staff areas, paying special attention to high-risk spots such as door handles, light switches, and elevators. It is recommended that you avoid using the elevator or sharing it with people other than your family members. Rooms are always disinfected before receiving the next guests.

The staff of the housekeeping department is very well trained in properly cleaning and disinfecting the rooms thanks to training programs we have organized in recent years regarding the handling of epidemic disease cases.

All public areas, including the bathrooms, are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis during the day.

All the disinfectants we use have been approved for their effectiveness by the National Organization for Medicines.



The adoption of the HACCP system has always been a prerequisite for us, and we have been following it for years.

There are many areas where you can safely enjoy a meal in our hotels.

There are hand disinfection devices right before the entrance to the restaurants and the other food and beverage departments.

Our trained staff will be at your disposal to help and protect you, always using the necessary personal protection equipment.



The hotel has its own swimming pools where you can relax and enjoy swimming.

The sunbeds around our pools have been placed in such a way to comply with the required safety distance.

The maximum number of bathers in all pools will not exceed one person per 5 sq.m. of water.

Around all swimming pools there are showers for you to use before entering the pools.


All of the above might be revised, depending on any new updates.

We are waiting to welcome you!


Cactus Royal Resort & Spa

GR 70007 Stalis, Crete island - Greece
t.: +30 28970 35001
f.:+30 28970 35080
MHTE 1039K015A0186800

Cactus Beach Hotel

GR 70007 Stalis, Crete island - Greece
t.: +30 28970 31319
f.: +30 28970 31589
ΜΗΤΕ 1039Κ014Α0025900

Cactus Village Hotel

GR 70007 Stalis, Crete island - Greece
t.: +30 28970 31319
f.: +30 28970 31589
ΜΗΤΕ 1039K014A0203400

Cactus Bay Hotel

GR 70007 Stalis, Crete island - Greece
t.: +30 28970 31960
f.: +30 28970 31961
ΜΗΤΕ 1039K032A0019701

Cactus Mare Hotel

GR 70007 Stalis, Crete island - Greece
t.: +30 28973 05150
ΜΗΤΕ 1039Κ012Α0017400


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